Text pesničky Zostať Smieš - Dara Rolins

Interpret: Dara Rolins
Pieseň: Zostať Smieš
Publikované: 2017-07-05
Zobrazení: 587

Dara Rolins


Ah yo, Dee! (aha?!)
Oooh! (yeh,c´mon!) Playin a game with me?... (yeeeh)


Partta muddaluvin 1:
Lady D,now let me tell ya like this, I´mma muddafuccin rappa,U R big bombshell.
As luv to da whirl of surprises of her new world, it can take on my lyrics... Dogg,what ´cha doin´ here? Hit it! My nicee Dara,now just my sayin´ goes at none respect to ya caste. 9 to 5!
Cripplin´ my lone mind is castigated by allusion to French kiss all hourz. I own the fair for heartriots, soulriots and the fair for flowaz. Non´ pretend, I ain´t the man that can satisfy all of ya needs for life, no demand.
Please no actions over high! My sleazy face vote´s still gon´ look, look like an ice slide. But for now I just needa scent ´cha ton´ flava and all images of ya side, Dee, whadda?


Oh c´mon! Veci,čo o mne vieš, ááh
v sebe mám,
Tebe dám aj srdce boom-boom!
Tým tlakom dnes rozbiješ ma vnútri.

C´mon!Preštudovať ma smieš! Ááh
Tak si mnou hlavu lám aj srdce boom-boom!
Zostať smieš!

Partta muddaluvin 2:
Well,well lady, I´m definitely in! Can I? Ages non´ playin´! Who win? It´s just only for the hell of it, already no shit on! Word up! Givin a damn thang on! Givin it on! I don´t know U for real. But I prefer candour at all kindz ´n I can visualize our picture in my senda. Nice and slow,girl! Any silent room and many roses, 4 eyes 2 shadowz of passionz...
Now: my honey, my world, my secret, my swirl, got at ´cha! 1000 of fine kissez I bet ´cha! One by one fixed to ya splendid eye lid, one and another, after ya eyez on me like a bulletz of my Sheep. My hand into ya hair, my speech into ya mouth, in absolute finesse. Tongue on tongue. Flow by flow. Blood in ya veins goin´ up by my small blows. Big Family´s fame, ya know?!


Partta muddaluvin 3:
We da ridaz of hottest middlemost nite, leanin´ over in kissez timin´ 2getha. Suddenly ya at stopped dat, secretly hand in hand we draggin´ straight into a bed. Strength of my desire for ya body callin´ iz neva-endin´. Now I just wanna spend in. Tonguin´ya toes, feelin for goose flesh on ya. I adore ya ´n ya soul force...
Ya miracolous hot body curves gettin my woodie to da sphere of heaven´s moments!
Passin´ ya feet as far as ya clit, meetin´ a flamboyant luv canal. She´s a goddesss, capapie! I luv world when I´mma wit ´cha luvely jugz , just slidin´ my dick into ya cunt. At the sight of comely moonface, my fancy of havin a sex with Dee goes by ´n Was on?