Text pesničky Slowly - Dara Rolins

Interpret: Dara Rolins
Pieseň: Slowly
Publikované: 2017-07-05
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Dara Rolins


She´s know as a selfish girl
Counting all to love a man
As I know
Lonely like a shell and pearl
To feel pleasure in your blood
You need much more

It´s your body and soul
"Chicki boom" - you know
It´s your own property
She looked for everywhere
Couldn´t find it
Love was hiding far from her

Take it slowly
Take it slowly now
There´s the whole round big world
To be impressed by you, my lady
Take it slowly
Take it slowly now
There´s no time to rush love
As it will come to you, my baby

Heaven, if they only knew
Coz all girls just wanna stay the same
It´s our game!

It´s our body and soul
I know it´s our own property
You went to those blind one dates
Didn´t work out for you so well, i guess
Life isn´t just a game of chess
Plenty of babes are in a mess
That´s for sure...

Take it slow
Don´t be alone

Make your move baby, it´s on you
Go on - fulfill your sweet desires
Take a ride baby, slip and slide
Your man needs to have class in his eyes