Text pesničky If - Dara Rolins

Interpret: Dara Rolins
Pieseň: If
Publikované: 2017-07-05
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Dara Rolins


If I really new
love smells like you
would't tell lyies zu
my heart and soul feels
sad and blue
would you be so kind
once more freak my mind
I'll close my eyes
loving you feels so nice
cause baby you'r my first prize

7 days without you
feels empty, lost and blue
7 days I'm brand new a angry too
only you 4 sure knew to play
the game with me
I hide and seek my feelings

and lost the key...

If I really knew
love smells like you...

embrance on the floor
see my backs still sore
go on and on
you knew how episily I bruis
It's sorensess I would never lose

2 more days I'll chase
my dreams I've lost in you
take some blaze of glory
just be carefull walking trough
you're the heat I need
you're perfect,
you're the shit
so please come to back to me
caouse you're the key.